The purchase moment should not be the end of your relationship with your customer. We believe it should rather be the beginning of the journey. This is why Kronos offers the perfect tools to increase customer retention and to maintain your client engaged during the whole post-purchase period.

Increase your margins

A five percent increase in customer retention can lead to 75% increase in profit margin. Offering a smooth post-purchase experience and a perfect quality of service is now the key to customer retention on the internet.

Engage your clients

Your clients are never as engaged as they are during the delivery anticipation moment and they check 3 times our tracking page on average. As many occasions to increase customer loyalty and to build a unique relationship.

Service before anything

We work on your side to create incredible post-purchase experiences focusing on two key services : white-gloves delivery and customer care.
We offer same-day delivery, in the next 2 hours or by appointment.
Our delivery-men and women are well recruited, well trained and well dressed. They provide advice about how to use the products delivered, and messages in the name of the brand.
White label
Kronos is available as a white-label service to keep your customer inside of your brand universe at all time.
We inform your clients of their delivery status and of any event that may occur in real-time.
Our customer support team is available to your clients so you can focus on your strategy and your objectives.
CRM tools
Because we encounter your client in a totally new way, we grant you access to our aggregated monthly CRM reports so you can finally understand your online customers.

Kronos developped a unique savoir-faire matching your expectations by working with some of the most renown houses of the world. We pay attention to your satisfaction to make e-commerce your next growth channel.

For each of your clients. And everyone.

Integrate Kronos plugins in a moment on any e-commerce website and make Kronos delivery accessible for your clients during their navigation. In a few minutes, offer them the best delivery experience, fully integrated to your e-shop.

You want to casually thank the ones who matter? Use our on-demand service to thank your most prestigious clients, seduce the press or the influencers and make your brand shine.
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